How To Build A Pond In Your Garden

Luonel Russo February 2, 2022

A pond in your garden brings a touch of freshness and it’s the perfect place to relax after a hard day at work. You can grow different plants on pond’s shore and even bring fish and turtles to this mini-aquatic place. More than aesthetic, a pond increases the price of a property and captures the […]

How To Build Your Own Drip Irrigation System

Luonel Russo February 1, 2022

We have to pay attention to natural resources and to spare water in gardening and agriculture because help our planet. Drip watering is done easily using professional systems, but as the human imagination has no boundaries, we offer some DIY solutions to save money, with the same effective irrigation systems for small to medium gardens. […]

Angel water fountains

Luonel Russo December 8, 2021

A beautiful garden draws attention. Anything that makes a garden more beautiful, like an angel water fountain, draws people inside to enjoy the atmosphere. Too often people have an attractive garden space but never spend time benefiting from it. They keep up their garden, water the plants, pull weeds, and plant flowers, herbs, and vegetables, […]